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the goal

From the Coast to the Pole

From Hercules Inlet all the way to the South Pole


Solo, unsupported, unaided

The old way, on skiis, pulling a sled with all the equipment

Around 1150 km

Covering from 15 to 30 km per day

In 55 days

Experiencing Antarctica every day

Why ?

Some people don’t even need an explanation…

Almost 10 years ago there came a spark of an idea, a call, a dream, which has matured in 2015
– and after four years of preparation and training, it’s time to answer the call.

Every solo expedition is a journey into the depths of mind and soul. I’m very curious what I will find there this time.

This expedition is also a tribute
in memory of my father – Adam Libucha – a sailor, a dreamer and unfulfilled traveler.



53d 4h


90°0′0″S, 180°0′0″E



Live feeds

photo galery: the expedition

photo gallery: preparations

about me

Jacek Libucha

Professionally – manager with multi-year project experience in industrial goods and energy sector.

By passion – traveler, adventurer, athlete and observer
of nature.

Privately – husband to a fantastic wife, father of two fantastic daughters

Transportation and logistics for this expedition is provided by Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions